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“Proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous” – Pop Matters.


Peter Joseph Head Bio
Peter Joseph Head is a song-writing Machine. In 2017 he started a project to write a song about the news every week and perform it on Melbourne’s RRR radio every Saturday morning. To date he has broadcast 14 songs on the station on consecutive weeks.

He has written songs in various genres from naive-pop to protest songs, from self-help meets rock-n-roll to conceptual miniatures. He has even put out an album of songs written in Japanese (released by legendary Japanese experimental pop label Majikick Records). He wrote the soundtrack for the internationally released independent film “Burke & Wills” which Triple J radio described as “drop-dead-gorgeous”.
He has a passion for illuminating the everyday and celebrating the unsung little moments. In a fun way.
His live show is all about getting people involved. He wants you to dance and to do hand movements and to sing and to feel a little flutter in your heart.
He has released three solo solo albums as well as recordings with bands t:dy t:wns, Actor Buddhists & Humansixbillion. Pop Matters says that he “proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous” and JJJ radio has described his music as “captivating in all its nervous-awkward-fast-talking-stumbly glory”.

“a bit like Nick Drake back from the dead” – Brisbane Daily News
“drop-dead-gorgeous” – Triple J Radio
“has a chorus that hits at just the right time with the perfect amount of sugar” – Unearthed.
“will from now on be my official post-christmas anthem” – Doorstamps

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