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Upbeat, naive-pop, self-help meets rock-n-roll from Aussie-indie-anomaly & lover-of-hyphens.
Peter Joseph Head sings songs about everyday stuff. Just the important bits. In a fun way.
He wants you to dance and to do hand movements and to sing and to feel a little flutter in your heart.
Pop Matters says that he “proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous”.

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Peter Joseph Head Bio

As a teenager Peter studied avant garde composition at Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts. In his early 20s, he won a scholarship to study in Japan and did a Master of Musicology at the Kyoto City University of the Arts. Eventually, he rejected the twin ivory towers of experimentalism and classicism to focus on writing simple songs.

In the noughties, his group, Humansixbillion, played quite a bit in the Melbourne scene based around the Albert’s Basement Label.
Since then he has released three solo albums, as well as records with groups t:dy t:wns, The Actor Buddhists & Humansixbillion.
In 2005 his songs formed the soundtrack for the internationally released feature film “Burke & Wills” which debuted at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York and received favourable views in main stream media including SBS Margaret & David At The Movies. The soundtrack was described by Triple JJJ as “drop-dead-gorgeous”. The Brisbane Daily News said Peter sounds “a bit like Nick Drake back from the dead”.
Triple JJJ radio called his debut album Normal Ours, released through the Albert’s Basement Label in 2009, “captivating in all its nervous-awkward-fast-talking-stumbly glory”.
In 2011 Peter released a series of short “Status Update Songs” via social media which were later collected in the album “14 Status Updates”. American novelist, songwriter & Richmond Fontaine front-man Willy Vlautin said the album had a “tremendous sense of melody and never ending hooks”.
In 2013/14 Peter began a series of collaborative singles with various guest vocalists under the name of t:dy t:wns. These songs formed an album, Sistercity, in 2015. Melbourne’s “3000” website said “everyone provides a little bit of awesome”. The album included vocalists such as Evelyn ida Morris (Pikelet), Elizabeth mitchell (Totally Mild) & Eva Popov (Hello Satellites) and featured singles such as “Sweet Fantasy”, which made it to no.4 on the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project chart.
Peter has an ongoing interest in Japan. In 2015 he released his first Japanese language album Minna De through legendary underground Japanese band Tenniscoats’ Majikick Records label. To support the album he played a 15 date tour of Japan playing with the likes of Oni from Afrirampo, Tenniscoats and Junko from Fuchigami to Funato.
In December 2015 Peter released a 7” record That’s What I’d Do and Boxing Day which Pat Wain from the Doorstamps blog said “will from now on be my official post-christmas anthem”.
Peter got a running start to 2016 by releasing a new song Now We Can Stream The Beatles together with a Karaoke style beach video clip that JJJ’s Max Quinn said “has a chorus that hits at just the right time with the perfect amount of sugar”.
The same year he raised $3800 dollars through a crowd funding campaign to make a new album called “Peter Joseph Head Lightens Up” due for release through Majikick/Airpunch Collective in Sept.