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Peter Joseph Head Bio
Peter Joseph Head is an upbeat, naive-pop, self-help meets rock-n-roll, musical documentarian & indie-anomaly.
Pop Matters website says he "proves pop music can both be accessible and adventurous”. Triple JJJ radio called his music “captivating in all its nervous-awkward-fast-talking-stumbly glory”. Doorstamps blog called it “folk pop music that nails the art of making simplicity sound busy”.
In 2017 Peter started a project on Melbourne’s RRR Radio to write and perform a song about the news every week. The “Sung News” segment happens every Saturday morning at 8am on the Vital Bits program. He is currently compiling a whopping 52 songs from this project to make a series of 4 albums that present a musical snapshot of a year in the news cycle. The albums will be collectively titled “Peter Joseph Head Gives You The Facts”.
Peter has an ongoing interest in Japan. In 2015 & 2016 he released albums "Minna de" and "Peter Joseph Head Lightens Up", including Japanese language tracks, through legendary Japanese band Tenniscoats’ Majikick Records label. He has toured the country 4 times and has played more than 50 shows playing with the likes of Oni from Afrirampo, Tenniscoats and Fuchigami to Funato.
In 2013/14 Peter did a series of collaborative singles with various guest vocalists under the name of t:dy t:wns. These songs formed an album, Sistercity, in 2015. Melbourne's "3000" website said "everyone provides a little bit of awesome". The album included vocalists such as Evelyn ida Morris (Pikelet), Elizabeth mitchell (Totally Mild) & Eva Popov (Hello Satellites) and featured singles such as "Sweet Fantasy", which made it to no.4 on the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project chart.
In 2011 Peter released a series of short “Status Update Songs” via social media which were later collected in the album "14 Status Updates". American novelist, songwriter & Richmond Fontaine front-man Willy Vlautin said the album had a "tremendous sense of melody and never ending hooks".
Triple JJJ radio called his debut album Normal Ours, released through the Albert’s Basement Label in 2009, “captivating in all its nervous-awkward-fast-talking-stumbly glory”.
In 2005 his songs formed the soundtrack for the internationally released feature film “Burke & Wills” which debuted at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York and received favourable reviews in main stream media including SBS's Margaret & David At The Movies. The soundtrack was described by Triple JJJ as "drop-dead-gorgeous". The Brisbane Daily News said Peter sounds “a bit like Nick Drake back from the dead”.
He sings songs about everyday stuff. Just the important bits. In a fun way.
He wants you to dance and to do hand movements and to sing and to feel a little flutter or a flame in your heart.
Serious Biographical Information
Your PJH Gig Planner
Come say hello.
January 5 2018 6pm - Melbourne, Brunswick - Edinburgh Castle
January 13 2018 10:30am - Melbourne, Brunswick - CERES market
January 27 2018 6pm - Melbourne, Collingwood - Paprika w/ Tailor Made For A Small Room (Japan)

Past Gigs
Nov. 4th 10:30am - Melbourne CERES market
October 20 8pm - Melbourne, Papirica w/ Yoshitake Expe

Japan Tour 2017
1 Sun Iyoyaka Hot Spring
5 Thur Kobe - Space Eauuu
6 Fri Hiroshima - BANQUET
7 sat Yamaguchi - Organ's Melody
8 sun himeji - Quiet Holiday
22 Fri Tokyo Haraheru cafe
23 Sat Tokyo Bar Michi w/ ikema Yuko
24 Sun Tokyo Nagisyokudo cafe
27 Matsumoto - Give Me Little More
28 Thur Nagano - Neon Hall
29 Fri Kofu - Bachus Guest House
30 Kyoto Maruyama Park Amphitheater Mini festival

30 Aug. - Melbourne Howler Tom Tom Tuesday
28 May - Melbourne The Post Office Hotel Single Launch
2 May - Melbourne The Old Bar, "The Fort" event.
24 April Castlemaine - Bridge HotelSupporting Colloid (from Japan)
20 April Melbourne - Some Velvet Morning, supporting Tayutau (from Japan)
26 February Hobart - Moonah Arts Centre. Wired For Sound & Vision event.
25th January Hobart - The Homestead
26th January Hobart - The Grand Poobah

Japan Tour 2016 7 Sept. - Oct. 2nd
9 Tokyo bunka Kaikan
10 Sapporo "Tobiu Camp" festival
11 Sapporo "Tobiu Camp" festival
13 Sendai Tenniscoats
16 Tokyo Shicyoshitsu
17 Hamamatsu
18 Himeji - Quiet Dream
21 Matsumoto Give Me Little More
22 Tokyo Pastacas/Tenniscoats
29 Kyoto urban Guild
Oct. 1 tondabayashi Tabimogura Cafe
Oct. 2 iyoyaka hot spring

Dec. 19 Melbourne - URA 5th Anniversary Party w/Sui Zhen, Zone Out, 10 Feet.

Nov. 14 5pm Melbourne - Supporting Hello Satellites at Open Studio

Oct. 18 3pm Minna De Album Launch - Ura, Fitzroy.

2015 Japan Tour:
Sep 11 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Sep 12 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Sep 13 Tokyo
Sep 13 Tokyo
Sep 15 Shimanto
Sep 16 Miyazaki
Sep 17 Aya That's Bock Ring
Sep 18 Matsumoto
Give Me Little More
Sep 19 Hokuto Night Market
Sep 20 Hamamatsu Kamoe
Art Centre
Sep 21 Osaka Yuion-Chaho
Sep 22 Kishiwada Oyoyakanosato
Sep 23 Kyoto urban Guild
Sep 27 Tokyo Muumuu Cafe

26 Apr. 9pm Refugee Fundraiser House Gig 1/111 Darebin Rd.
12 Apr. Northcote Social Club - t:dy t:wns album launch
13 Mar. Hobart - Frankie's Empire
12 Feb. Toff in Town supporting Harley Young.
Jan. 7 Dane Certificate's Magic Theatre

Dec. 20 URA 4th Anniversary Party!
Dec. 11 Grace Darling Hotel (Airpunch Christmas Show)
Nov. 15 North Melbourne Recreation Centre (Melbourne Music Week)

Oct. 24 Yokohama - Galaxy
Oct. 25 Akasaka - The Earl Sandwich Bar
Oct. 26 Tokyo - 晴れたら空に豆をまいて
Oct. 27 Nagoya - Kakuozan Larder
Oct. 28 Matsumoto - Give Me Little More
Oct. 30 Miyazaki - Bistro Orench
Nov. 2 Kyoto - Urban Guild
Nov. 3 Osaka - Tabimogura Cafe
Nov. 4 Tokyo - Muu Muu Cafe

Oct. 20 Melbourne International Writers Festival - Dylan Thomas Tribute Show
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